Indoor Sensor

ESP8266 homekit native software that run with many diffrent phisical seonsor from Aliexpress. Available values: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, humidity, Light level, Air pressure, TVOC, eCO2, Motion, Noise, Collison’s and much more. Support devices (Tested): *PM2.5* – PMS5003/7003 *TEMP/HUM/PRES* – SHT3x – BMP180 – BMP280 – BME280 *Light* – Temt6000 – MAX44009 (gy-49) – BH1750 (gy-30/gy-302) *TVOS/eCO2* – CCS811 *PIR* – HC-SR501 – HC-SR505 – AM312 – SR602 *Occupancy microwave* – HW-MS03 – RCWL-0516 – HB100 X – HB100 – HFS-DC06 *Noise sensor* – Sound Sensor (CZN-15E) *Colision sensor* – YL-99 You can connect any digital output sensor (DOUT). In homekit You can create any of available sensors and attach measure characteristic or triggered signal output. You can customize Homekit accessory as You wish. Advanced functions: – Customize Air quality sensor: Custom level values – Smart sensor triggering: Can be triggered on signal (like motion detected from PIR) or calculated value. For example temperature based triggered with between condition like 21-22. Of course other like less, equal or not equal are supported too.
- Bug fixes
- Stability improvements
- Digital sensor read added
- Added hardware support:
 STH3x, MAX44009, BH1750, CCS811

- Added accessory function
 Homekit sensor triggered based on GPIO read or characteristics calculation
 Air quality calculation based on manually set levels

- Added homekit sensors
 Contact, Leak, Monoxide, Dioxide, Occupancy, Smoke, Motion

- Initial release
- Added hardware support:
 BMP180, BMP280, BME280, TEMT6000, PMS5003, PMS7003

- Added homekit sensors
 Light level
 Air quality sensor

- Custom characteristic 
 Air pressure